Saturday, January 07, 2006

2 things...

1- I colored my hair tonight. I think I like it.

2- Have you tried Newsgator? I like it. I've heard so many negative comments about Bloglines, and I saw the link for Newsgator over at Grumperina' I tried it.

Ok, and another thing...this page looks different on Opera (the posting page, that is). I was going to link to newsgator and I don't have that choice. It made me say "HEY!" out loud just now. So you can scroll down and click on the button on the right if you wanna check it out. Bleh.

Good night.


At 07 January, 2006 07:43, Blogger Jen said...

Html is html - you just have to learn the tags.

replace the ['s with <'s

[a href=address]Link[/a]

[img src=address][/img]


blogger has a list - look in HELP

At 07 January, 2006 08:51, Blogger Lynda said...

So... can we SEE the new hair??? for use curious/nosy types!!

At 07 January, 2006 09:17, Blogger Chris said...

I'm with Lynda. We need pictures! (Please include Jake, too.)


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