Monday, March 13, 2006

dude, didn't you take a drop-spindle class at some point?

Why yes, I did take a drop-spindle class a while ago...didn't I mention it yet...??

I am not a good spinner. Of course, I haven't spun much--like, almost nothing really. The "yarn" I did spin in class was balanced...which means something to spinners and not-so-much to non-spinners. I guess it was one of the good things about my spinning. :o) Our instructor kept raving about how good we all were, but I think she must've been focussing on Casey's yarn (scroll down to see her brown yarn along with her beautiful attempt at her home-grown angora!) and not so much looking at mine. Mostly my opinion of the whole thing is based my preference to immediately be good at something and never ever need to practice. So take these statements with that in mind. I am also mostly not very good at the drafting--the most important thing, I hear. Argh. I think I would really enjoy it if I was instantly good at it without ever having to practice. I'm a cheapskate as well as a perfectionist, so "ruining" a perfectly good batch of yummy roving seems...just...wrong. Even though our instructor pointed out several times that we should not worry about using up wool by practicing, that sheep/goats/bunnies were going to continue to produce their luscious furriness. Hmm.

OK, here are some photos:

My first yarn. Spun on an Ashford Drop Spindle.
Can't remember the fiber--it was wool. :o)
This is where I choose the very best section of the yarn to photograph
so that you think I'm a yarn-spinning prodigy...! Call it yarn-airbrushing...

Here's the truth...the inconsistent, yet well-balanced truth. Isn't it a pretty brown?

And this is a later attempt at spinning...done at home
while watching the Olympics I believe. This stuff is so incredibly
over-spun it's ridiculous! I really have trouble with the drafting...
it gets all stuck and I resort to MAJOR pre-drafting.
But it looks so nice on the spindle. I really should ply it...

So. There you go. Somehow I escaped the Attack of the Contagious Spinning Bug. Which is good because I really can't afford the expense of another fiber-related hobby and there are PLENTY of fabulous spinner's already out there. For example: Maia. Check out the Meyer Lemon Merino. Mmmm.


At 14 March, 2006 04:01, Blogger Chris said...

May we both continue to escape the spining bug! :) Pretty pretty blue...

At 14 March, 2006 12:55, Blogger Fyberduck said...

they look great! Much better than MY first yarns (shudder)


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