Monday, December 19, 2005

The Lonely Mitten (not Jen's...)

I'm making North Iceland Mittens for Invisible Roomie and I finished one of them! I really enjoy stranded knitting. It keeps me entertained and my brain has to work, so it never gets remotely boring. So, here's a series of photos:

This is the back...isn't it purty?

And that spot of blue-ish? That's my waste yarn waiting to be taken out. The thumb will grow from that spot.

Oh looky! The thumb DID grow from that very spot! But why are there DPNs still stuffed in the cuff? Well, once I was done knitting I tried them on and they definitely need a longer cuff. I was (always am) kinda impatient to finish the cuff and get on with the REAL mitten. Teehee.


At 25 December, 2005 15:44, Anonymous ana said...

Hehe...I have the same problem with cuffs (sock or mitten). I'm always in a hurry to move on to the real nitty gritty!


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